Leather Bound Hip Flask

Leather Bound HipFlask from LederX
LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of quality leather bound hip flasks. Genuine leather is a unique natural material.

LederX leather weaving expertise makes our leather bound products stand out from mass market imitations. We design and manufacture all kinds of woven leather accessories for fashion, gifting, promotional, branding and other marketing needs. Contact us at LederX for your custom products, designs and specifications.

Luxury Leather Bound Hip Flasks from LederX

Email : sales.lederx@gmail.com

LederX Leather Souvenirs

LederX India Leather Premier Souvenirs
LederX is an India based manufacturer and exporter of leather souvenirs and its own range of LederX Woven Leather Souvenirs.
We specialize in supplying a selected range of woven leather miniatures, bespoke souvenirs and unique Tourism Branding tools.

LederX Leather Premiere Souvenirs

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Premium Leather Souvenirs, Momentos, Memorabilia, Miniatures, Branding Tools,