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Personalized Leather Accessories

Personalized leather accessories from LederX

LederX : sales.lederx@gmail.com ; sales@lederx.com



Leather Hats

Premium crafted designer leather hats from LederX

Premium Leather Hats from LederX : Premium leather hats made with exacting craftsmanship – B2B Wholesale Prices – Have a look at our range. Or give us your designs and we will sample them immediately.

LederX : Your wholesale partner for crafted designer premium leather hats.

Contact LederX India : sales.lederx@gmail.com

Leather Spectacle Covers

Premium quality leather Spectacle Covers & Cases from LederX India :

Genuine Harness Leather Spectacle Covers
LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of quality harness leather spectacle covers & leather Sun Glass Covers.

Designer genuine leather spectacle covers / spectacle cases. Luxury leather spectacle covers for Reading glasses, Driving Eye Wear Cases, Sun Glass Protection Cases.

Geek Fashion Leather Spectacle Case from LederX :

Luxury Leather Geeky Spectacle Covers from LederX India

Email : sales.lederx@gmail.com

Fancy Leather Dog Leash

LederX is a reliable exporter of real leather fancy dog leashes. We make bespoke and standard dog leash ideal for many dog breeds like Pit Bulls, Terriers, Labradors.

Contact us for wholesale requirement of LederX stylish, fancy leather dog leash.

Email : sales.lederx@gmail.com

Fancy Leather Dog Leash & Dog Collars for Pretty Pets : Fancy Leather Dog Leash for Pretty Pets


Genuine Leather Dog Collars LederX

Genuine Harness Leather Dog Collars
LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of quality Woven Leather Dog Collars & leather Cat Collars. Genuine leather is a unique natural material.

LederX leather weaving expertise makes our products stand out from mass market imitations.

We design and manufacture many kinds of woven leather pet accessories for pets goods resellers.

Leather Dog Collars from LederX : Real Leather Dog Collars : LederX

Email : sales.lederx@gmail.com

Leather Bound Hip Flask

Leather Bound HipFlask from LederX
LederX India is a specialist manufacturer of quality leather bound hip flasks. Genuine leather is a unique natural material.

LederX leather weaving expertise makes our leather bound products stand out from mass market imitations. We design and manufacture all kinds of woven leather accessories for fashion, gifting, promotional, branding and other marketing needs. Contact us at LederX for your custom products, designs and specifications.

Luxury Leather Bound Hip Flasks from LederX

Email : sales.lederx@gmail.com

Sourcing Leather Souvenirs

Sourcing Premium Leather Souvenirs :
We design, manufacture and export, a unique range of bespoke Leather Souvenirs and accessories. We can be your Indian manufacturer and partner for building an eye catching range of innovative leather souvenirss, with a feel for under stated luxury.

Souvenirs Momentos Website : Premium Leather Souvenirs from LederX India

Email : souvenirs.lederx@gmail.com



LederX Leather Souvenirs

LederX India Leather Premier Souvenirs
LederX is an India based manufacturer and exporter of leather souvenirs and its own range of LederX Woven Leather Souvenirs.
We specialize in supplying a selected range of woven leather miniatures, bespoke souvenirs and unique Tourism Branding tools.

LederX Leather Premiere Souvenirs

Email : Email LederX Souvenirs – Premier Woven Leather Souvenirs

Premium Leather Souvenirs, Momentos, Memorabilia, Miniatures, Branding Tools,

Leather Hip Flask

Autumn is here. Time to get meself a luxury leather hip flask from LederX.